Brampton, Ontario. Atlantis Systems Corp. (TSX:AIQ), announced that it has completed one stop shop debt financing with ComVest Capital of West Palm Beach, Florida. The arrangement provides up to $6.6 million of financing in the form of a secured term loan in the amount of $2.6 million and a secured revolving line of credit of up to $4.0 million. The term loan was used to repay an existing bank term loan the revolver will be used for working capital purposes.

About Atlantis
Atlantis Systems is a globally recognized, fully integrated training solutions provider for customers in the military, commercial aviation sectors and energy markets. Atlantis combines desktop and full-flight simulation, knowledge management, learning management systems, flight training devices and multimedia elearning to provide integrated flight training and aircraft maintenance training solutions to a global list of customers. For more than 29 years, Atlantis has drawn on its extensive engineering background and proprietary technology to offer cost-efficient, state of the art alternatives to real-life conditions and situations. To learn more, please visit the Company’s web site at

About ComVest
The ComVest Group is a leading Private Equity firm focused on investing in middle-market companies. Since 1988 ComVest has invested more than $2 billion of capital in over 200 public and private companies worldwide. Through our extensive financial resources and broad network of industry experts, we are able to offer our companies total financial sponsorship, critical strategic support, and business development assistance. Our focus is centered on building industry leading companies and creating long term value for equity holders. For more information on ComVest, visit