West Palm Beach, Florida, December 2006 – The ComVest Group has provided a $5 Million senior, secured revolving loan for Controlled Semiconductor, Inc. ComVest anticipates that the revolving note will foster Controlled Semiconductor’s growth, enabling the company to decrease the time it takes for the building and delivery of products and permitting more competitive delivery timetables. More competitive turnaround schedules will allow the company to expand its customer base in the replacement market segment and increase market penetration.

About Controlled Semiconductor
Controlled Semiconductor, Inc. is active in developing processes and introducing products for the entire process of semiconductor development. The majority of Controlled Semiconductor’s customer base is flat panel display and photomask manufacturers located throughout Asia. Controlled Semiconductor has developed the latest ablation and deposition technologies in Photomask (LCD and Semiconductor) Repair, LCD Panel Repair and PDP Repair. In 2004, Controlled Semiconductor developed the new MRT (Mask Repair Tool) and the PRT (Panel Repair Tool) utilizing the latest DUV femtosecond laser technology. Controlled Semiconductor has also revolutionized the way the industry processes and repairs masks by introducing a variety of metrology tools mounted directly on the repair tool. This allows the mask or panel to remain in the tool until the entire process has been completed and verified. Additionally, Controlled Semiconductor will reintroduce the FATcat (Failure Analysis Tool, C-Mode (AMI), Alpha Spectrometry, Topography). The FATcat, previously developed by one of the company’s founders, and is now being reintroduced to allow the failure analysis lab to perform decapsulization, material characterization, and cross-sectioning, using one tool with no harmful chemicals. For more information, visit www.consemi.com.

About ComVest
The ComVest Group is a Leading Private Equity Firm focused on investing in middle-market companies. Since 1988 ComVest has invested more than $2 billion of equity capital in over 200 public and private companies worldwide. Through our extensive financial resources and broad network of industry experts, we are able to offer our companies total financial sponsorship, critical strategic support, and business development assistance. Their focus is centered on building industry leading companies and creating long term value for equity holders. For more information on ComVest, visit www.comvest.com.