The ComVest Group (“ComVest”), a leading West Pam Beach based private investment firm announced today that it has successfully raised $335 Million on behalf of ComVest Investment Partners III, L.P. (the “Partnership” or “ComVest III”). The Partnership held its final closing on May 30, 2008, with aggregate commitments totaling $335 million. The Limited Partners of ComVest III are comprised of domestic and international investors representing public and private pensions, insurance companies, fund of funds, family offices, and high net worth individuals.

To date the General Partner on behalf of ComVest III has deployed $85 Million in five transactions for the Partnership. ComVest III is focused on continuing ComVest’s expertise of making investments in small to mid size businesses that are well positioned to become industry leaders. The ComVest Group has a significant amount of investment experience within the software and technology, healthcare, aviation, transportation and logistics, and manufacturing sectors; despite a history of excellence in these sectors, the firm’s vast relationships with successful operating executives allows for effective evaluation of opportunities across a myriad of industries.

ComVest Co-founder and managing partner Michael Falk said, “ComVest pairs seasoned deal teams capable of sourcing, evaluating, and structuring transactions with an expansive network of operating partners. Together with our operating partners ComVest seeks to provide operating improvements and strategic guidance to portfolio companies. ComVest provides portfolio companies with an operating experience that enables us to invest in healthy or distressed businesses in favorable or out of favor sectors as well as across a variety of special situations”.