Comvest Partners is a private investment firm providing equity and debt capital to middle-market companies across North America. Since its founding in 2000, Comvest has invested $4.7 billion. Today, Comvest’s funds have over $3.7 billion of assets under management. Through our extensive capital resources and broad network of industry relationships, we offer our companies financial sponsorship, critical strategic and operational support, and business development assistance.


Flexible Capital and Strategic Guidance

Our Private Equity and Direct Lending strategies provide tailored capital solutions to meet the needs of mature and growing middle-market companies. Our consistent, process-oriented approach draws from over fifteen years of experience investing in companies that can realize immediate benefits from our capital and partnership. In addition to financial sponsorship, we take a hands-on approach to supporting our management teams on key strategic and operational initiatives.

Enhance operational performance
Improve corporate infrastructure and financial systems
Accelerate growth through M&A
Execute new product and market strategies
Invest in human capital

Extensive Network of Operating Resources

Our network of operating resources includes former industry executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, and financiers who have substantial tenures leading successful public and private enterprises. This group draws upon their wealth of experience to support Comvest and our portfolio company management teams. Our operating resources serve as a sounding board for management to help refine and implement strategic and operational initiatives, and often will assume active board or advisory roles within our portfolio companies.

  • Executive Partners – Experienced industry executives who support due diligence and portfolio company oversight
  • Operating Advisors Group (“OAG”) – Consulting firm exclusively focused on Comvest’s portfolio companies
  • Senior Advisors – Business leaders that provide operational guidance and strategic introductions

Long Term Partner

At Comvest, we are committed to building strong companies and creating long-term partnerships with our investors, management teams, and other key stakeholders. Our partnerships are guided by the principles of mutual trust, respect, and integrity. We take a disciplined, team-oriented and creative approach to solving complex business decisions in order to achieve the best outcome for all stakeholders. Our reputation is our most valued asset and it is ingrained in the Comvest culture to set our personal and firm’s standards high.


Words we live by

  • Our partnership is based on trust and the respectful exchange of ideas.
  • We make decisions in a data driven way and believe in getting to the facts through rigorous and intellectually honest research.
  • We treat our investors as true partners and manage their money with the same care that we would our own.
  • We make decisions as a team, act with humility, and value all opinions.
  • We adhere to the highest degree of integrity. Integrity drives our actions and decisions.
  • We work together as a team across strategies and investments to help drive overall value.
  • We support the admission of mistakes and learn from our experience and refrain from second guessing.
  • Success emanates from diverse experiences and backgrounds and we believe the “best idea wins”.